About us

HT Industrial Joint Stock Company (HT-JSC) is a leading heat treatment field in Vietnam. HT-JSC is also the first company that has served heat treatment services in Vietnam. This field demands strict procedure and advanced heat treatment technology throughout executing to meet specific requirements in accordance with international codes, standards such as ASME, AWS, EN,…

HT-JSC has been affirming itself position in Vietnam step by step, especially heat treatment service in Oil & Gas field due to HT-JSC has owned specialists, technicians & workers with professional skill/ability/manner as well as heat treatment technology reached international standard. Especially in oil & gas field, HT-JSC has been providing services to heat treatment of weld joints, piping, structure, vessel, boilers, etc including pro-heat, post weld heat treatment… as well as provison of Heat Treatment Service for Parts of Machine in Power Plants, Ciment Plants,... Turning point marked success of HT regarding Heat Treatment Service was the excellent completion of Heat Treatment for 02 LPG 2000 tons Spherical Tanks at Go Dau-Dong Nai province, which were the biggiest LPG tanks in Vietnam in 2009.

Besides Privision of Heat treatment Service, We are also known as Equipments & Machines supplier, Equipments & Machines Maintenance in Oil & Gas sector such as Heat Treatment Machines, Welding Machines,... within domestic market, especially in Southern region. Furthermore, HT-JSC participates in construction for Piping, structure system.

With good ability & competitive cost prices, HT-JSC engages to become a prestigious services provider, improve incessantly services quality to make increasing value for Customers.

HT-JSC’s always welcome co-operations from domestic/foreign manufactures, business organization.
Thank you so much for your attention about us and faith upon our services