HT Industrial Joint Stock Company was established officially in 2008, its predecessor is HT Heat Treatment J.S.C. In all firm’s build-up, development in Heat Treatment field for Oil & Gas sector, HT-JSC has also expanded provision of Heat Treatment service for Electricity, Thermoelectricity, Cement, etc.

HT-JSC has had the frequent customers in Viet Nam, which are great companies such as PV Gas, PTSC M&C, PTSC OS, PVC, PVD Tech, Vietube, Alpha ECC, Alpha ECC, Saigon Shipyard, etc.

Currently, HT-JSC has had customer network extensively. That means advantage and also reason to raise services quality incessantly; improve organizational structure, advance workmanship… to satisfy the best expectation of honored Customers.

Especially in 2010, HT-JSC has co-operated bilateral with Phuclink Co.,Ltd and official headquarter Northern office in Phuclink.